Article : 差不多先生传 Part III

  • We have learnt about the word “差不多”, which means “almost” or “more or less”.
  • We have studied the Part I and Part II of the article “差不多先生传” by 胡适 ( Hu Shi ).
  • Today we will continue the article with Part III.
  • If you have any words that you don’t understand, please post it in the comment section. I will try to explain further.

Part III

差不多先生传 (The Chronicle of Mr. “More or Less” / “Close Enough”)


One day, he had to take the train to Shanghai for an urgent matter.



He strolled unhurriedly to the train station, and found he was two minutes late.



He could not believe that the train had already left the station. As he watched the smoke billowing from the vanishing train, he shook his head:



“It seems that I will have to leave tomorrow. Today and tomorrow are close enough, but the train company is just overly punctual. Is 8:32 not close enough to 8:30?”



Grumbling to himself, he walked slowly home, puzzled as to why the train couldn’t have waited just 2 more minutes for him.

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