Article : 差不多先生传 Part II

  • We have learnt about the word “差不多”, which means “almost” or “more or less”.
  • Three weeks ago,  we have studied the Part I of the article “差不多先生传” by 胡适 ( Hu Shi ).
  • Today we will continue the article with Part II.
  • If you have any words that you don’t understand, please post it in the comment section. I will try to explain further.

Part II

差不多先生传 (The Chronicle of Mr. “More or Less” / “Close Enough”)


When he was a child, his mother sent him to buy brown sugar, but he brought back white sugar instead.



When reprimanded, he shook his head and said “Brown sugar and white sugar, aren’t they more or less the same?”



In school, his teacher once asked him “which province borders Hebei on the west side?”



He answered Shaanxi. His teacher said “The answer is wrong. It should be Shanxi.” He said: “Shaanxi and Shanxi, aren’t they more or less the same?”



Later he became a clerk in a bank. He could write and calculate, but was not very careful.



Often times, he would mistakenly write the Chinese character of 1000 for that of 10, or vice versa.



His carelessness infuriated his boss, who often berated him.



He would grin as though apologizing and say, “The characters of 1000 (千) and 10 (十), don’t they almost the same?”

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