Article : 差不多先生传 Part I

  • We have learnt about the word “差不多”, which means “almost” or “more or less”.
  • Today we are going to study an article by 胡适 ( Hu Shi ), a famous writer from China, titled “差不多先生传”.
  • Since the article is quite long, I have split the article into a few parts.
  • If you have any words that you don’t understand, please post it in the comment section. I will try to explain further.

Part I

差不多先生传 (The Chronicle of Mr. “More or Less” / “Close Enough”)


Do you know who the most famous person in China is? His name is a well-known phrase to everyone, everywhere.



In Chinese, his surname means ‘Enough’ and his given name would be ‘Close’. He could be from any village, any county, and any province. You must have seen him, or heard people talking about him.



The name of Mr. ‘Close Enough’ is on our lips every day, because he is like the representative of the Chinese people.



Mr. Close Enough looks ordinary, just like you and I.



He has a pair of eyes, which unfortunately does not see clearly. He has a pair of ears, which hears rather poorly. As for his nose and mouth, they are not particularly
sensitive to tastes and smells.

Note : for the vocabulary of parts of the head, please go to this link.



His brain, although not small, has poor memory and his thoughts are not at all analytical.



What he often says is “as long as it is close enough, we are fine. Why bother being precise?”


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