Characters with Radical Heart (忄)

  • We have learnt the character , which means heart. When it acts as a radical, it can be written below of the character or on the left side of the character. (Radical I)
  • We have learnt the radical 心字底 (xīn zi dǐ) which is written below of the character. e.g. : 想,怒,思. (link)
  • Today we are going to learn the radical 心 written on the left side of the character. When written on the left side, it is usually written as “忄” and we call it 竖心旁 (shù xīn páng).
  • Most of the words with the “心” / “忄” radical are “heart-related” ( emotion, feeling, mind, thinking or thought).

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  • Here is a list of characters with the radical 忄 that we have learnt so far:
    Character Pinyin Meaning Pronunciation Link
    máng busy
    kuài fast
    qíng feeling
    màn slow
    xìng sex
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  • Happy learning!

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