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Pronunciation : měi
Meaning :
  1. every, each; per. (pro)
  2. on each occasion; each time. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 31.4%
Common Words / Phrases:
měi dāng
: whenever; every time
měi nián
: yearly; annually
měi rì
: everyday; daily; each day
měi tiān
: every day
1. He has to work overtime every evening.
měi wǎn shang dōu yào jiā bān
: every
: measure word
晚上 : night
: he
: all
: need; have to
加班 : overtime
2. To be taken once every four hours.
měi xiǎo shí
: every
: four
小时 : hour
: take
: one
: time
3. I take bus to work every day.
měi tiān zuò jiāo tōng chē shàng xià bān
: I
每天 : every day
: sit; take
交通 : traffice
: car
交通车 : vehicles used to transport staff of administrations or groups.
上班 : go to work
下班 : get off work
4. I get frightened everytime it thunders.
měi léi dōu hěn hài
每次 : everytime
打雷 : thunder
: I
: all
: very
害怕 : get frightened
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