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Pronunciation : xiōng
Meaning :
  1. thorax; chest; breast; bosom. (n)
  2. mind; heart. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 6.6%
Common Words / Phrases:
xiōng bù
: chest; bust
xiōng huái
: breast; breadth of vision
xiōng jīn
: mind
xiōng kǒu
: the pit of the stomach
xīn xiōng
: breadth of mind
1. The child buried its face in its mother’s bosom.
hái zi liǎn tiē zài qīn de xiōng qián
孩子 : child
: used to shift the object to before the verb, which must be accompanied by some other expression
: face
: stick; keep close to
: at
母亲 : mother
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
: chest; breast; bosom
: in front
2. I have a pain in my chest.
xiōng gǎn dào téng tòng
: my
胸部 : chest; bust
感到 : feel
疼痛 : pain
3. He is broad-minded.
shì xīn xiōng kuān kuò de rén
: he
: is
: one
: measure word
心胸 : breadth of mind
宽阔 : broad
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
: person
4. Young people, be ambitious.
nián qīng rén , yào xiōng huái zhì
, 怀
年轻人 : young people
: should; need
胸怀大志 : cherish high ideals; have lofty aspirations
胸怀 : breadth of vision
大志 : high aims
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