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Pronunciation : zhì
Meaning :
  1. make; manufacture. (v)
  2. work out; formulate. (v)
  3. restrict; control. (v)
  4. system. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 48.5%
Common Words / Phrases:
zhì zào
: make; manufacture
zhì zuò
: make; manufacture
zhì dìng
: lay down; draw up
zhì dù
: system
zhì fú
: subdue; bring under control
xiàn zhì
: limit; restrict
kòng zhì
: to (have) control (over)
1. Made in China.
zhōng guó zhì zào
中国 : China
制造 : made, make
2. This carpet is made by hand.
zhè tiáo tǎn shì shǒu gōng zhì zuò de
: this
: meausre word
地毯 : carpet
: is
手工 : handwork; manual
制作 : made, make
: (particle) used to form a noun phrase or nominal expression
3. We are going to draw up a long-range plan.
men jiāng zhì dìng cháng yuǎn guī huà
我们 : we
: will
制定 : draw up
: one
: measure word
长远 : long-range
规划 : plan
4. We ought to learn from advanced educational systems.
men yīng gāi xiào xiān jìn de jiào zhì
我们 : we
应该 : should, ought to
效法 : learn from; model oneself on
先进 : advance
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
教育 : education
制度 : system
5. We must limit our spending.
men xiàn zhì men de kāi zhī
我们 : we
必须 : must
限制 : limit
我们的 : our
开支 : spending
6. The firemen were unable to control the blaze.
xiāo fáng duì yuán kòng zhì zhè chǎng huǒ
消防队员 : firemen
消防 : fire-fighting; fire control
队员 : team member
无法 : unable
控制 : control
: this
: measure word
大火 : blaze (big fire)

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