Vocabulary – Direction

  • Today we are going to revise 4 words that are related to directions:
  • If you have forgotten about these words, click here :
    西 .
  • In English, direction in between East and South is called South-East. However, in Chinese, we call it the other way round, 东南 (East South).
  • Here are the difference between Chinese and English for direction:
    English Chinese
    South-East 东南 (East South)
    South-West 西南 (West North)
    North-East 东北 (East North)
    North-West 西北 (West North)
  • How about 东西 (East West)? This is a very common word in Chinese. However, this word is nothing related to direction. 东西 in Chinese means things. To see a sentence example, click here.
  • I found an interesting image from the web that will be useful for you to remember the direction for these four words:
  • That’s all for today. Have a nice weekend.
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