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Pronunciation : tán
Meaning :
  1. talk; chat; discuss. (v)
  2. what is said or talked about. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 25.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
tán xīn
: heart-to-heart talk
tán huà
: chat
tán tiān
: chat
zuò tán
: have a informal discussion
tán lùn
: discuss
tán pàn
: negotiate
tán liàn ài
: in love
1. He offered his personal views.
tán le de kàn
: he
: talk about
: (particle) indicating a change in one’s understanding, idea, view or action
自己 : oneself
: (particle) used after an attribute, to
看法 : opinion
2. Let’s have a good chat.
men hǎo hāo tán tan
我们 : we
好好 : as good as one can, to the greatest extent
谈谈 : chat
3. The talks have been put back to Friday morning.
tán pàn tuī chí dào xīng zǎo shàng jìn xíng
谈判 : discussion
: postpone
: late
: up until, up to, to
星期五 : friday
早上 : morning
进行 : carry … out
4. We talked strictly business.
men wán quán shì tán shēng
我们 : we
完全 : completely, fully, strictly, purely
: is
: talk
生意 : business
5. The two friends talked together the whole night.
liǎng hǎo péng yǒu jiāo tán le zhěng
: two
: measure word
: good
朋友 : friend
交谈 : chat
: (particle) indicating a change in one’s understanding, idea, view or action
: one
: whole
: night
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5 thoughts on “谈”

  1. Hi Min2

    Can we also say 聊聊 for 谈话?
    E.g. 两 个 好 朋 友 聊 聊 了 一 整 夜

    Can we say 谈天说地?

    1. Hi,
      Yes. We can say
      两 个 好 朋 友 聊 了 一 整 夜。
      But not 聊 聊 了 一 整 夜。

      For 聊 聊, here are a few examples:
      饭 后 我 们 聊 聊 (or 聊 一 聊) 。
      我 想 跟 他 聊 聊 (or 聊 一 聊)。

      1. Thanks.
        I got it now. So it’s 聊 了 一 整 夜
        and in other contexts, it’s either
        聊 聊 (or 聊 一 聊)

        I guess I can say 与两三好友聊聊近况.

      1. I got you again.

        I guess sometimes people like to use words
        differently but mean the same thing such as
        谈 天 说 地 了 一 整 夜 or 聊 了 一 整 夜.

        Thanks again for the clarification.

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