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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. beautiful. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 14%
Common Words / Phrases:
měi lì
: beautiful
yàn lì
: bright-colored and beautiful; gorgeous
zhuàng lì
: majestic; glorious
huá lì
: magnificent; gorgeous
1. She is beautiful and clever.
měi yòu cōng míng
: she
美丽 : pretty, beautiful
: also
聪明 : clever
2. Charity can make this world more beautiful.
ài ràng shì jiè gèng měi
: love, charity
: make
世界 : world
: more
美丽 : beautiful
3. Such a colorful dress does not suit her.
shì chuān yán zhè me yàn de
: she
: not
适合 : suitable
穿 : wear
颜色 : color
这么 : so; such
艳丽 : bright-colored and beautiful
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
衣服 : dress
4. The interior of the cathedral is magnificent.
zhè jiāo táng de nèi shí fèn zhuàng huī huáng
: this
教堂 : cathedral, church
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
内部 : interior
十分 : very
壮丽 : majestic; glorious
辉煌 : brilliant; splendid; glorious
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3 thoughts on “丽”

  1. Hi Min Min

    I am trying to say “one among three”. Which one of
    the two sentences below is correct? If there is another
    way of saying, let’s have it. Thanks.

    你 们 三 个,其中 一 个

    你 们 三 个, 有 一 个 之 一

  2. Hi, Minmin! First, xiexie for all you do here for us striving to learn all things Chinese.
    I have been struggling along for a time here, picking up bits and pieces and I noticed a sentence which merits your attention. Under the word, lì, appears the sentence, “She is unapt to wear such colorful dress.” The word unapt has the somewhat ambiguous meaning of “unlikely”, and I suspect you were actually trying to express the sentence like this- “Such a colorful dress does not suit her.”, which is a more widely used form of using the idea of unsuitability than “unapt” or, even “inept”.
    I hope this helps a little; certainly nowhere near how much your contributions help us!

    1. Hi James Bain,
      My English is not really good. Thanks for your correction.
      I have changed the English sentence to what you suggest.
      Thanks again.

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