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Pronunciation : jiǔ
Meaning :
  1. alcohol; alcoholic drink; wine; liquor; spirits; booze. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 14.8%
Common Words / Phrases:
pú táo jiǔ
: wine
jìng jiǔ
: propose a toast
pí jiǔ
: beer
jiǔ guǐ
: wino
jiǔ bā
: bar
jiǔ jīng
: alcohol
xù jiǔ
: get drunk
jiǔ diàn
: bar; hotel
jiǔ huì
: party
1. Don’t drink and drive.
bié le jiǔ kāi chē
: don’t
: drink
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
: alcohol
: drive
: vehicle
2. The chairman proposed a toast to the guests.
zhǔ bēi xiàng lái bīn men jìng jiǔ .
主席 : chairman
: rise
: (alcoholic) drink
: to
来宾 : guest
: plural marker
敬酒 : propose a toast
3. They’ve gone down to the pub for a drink.
men dào jiǔ diàn jiǔ le
他们 : they
: go
酒店 : bar
: drink
: alcohol; liquor
: (used before and / or after a verb) go in order to; be going to (do something there)
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
4. Ice the bottle of beer.
píng jiǔ bīng shàng
: used to shift the object to before the verb, which must be reduplicated or accompanied by some other word or expression
: that
: bottle
啤酒 : beer
: ice
: indicating the attainment of an objective
5. cocktail party
wěi jiǔ huì
: chicken (cock, hen)
: tail
酒会 : party
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7 thoughts on “酒”

  1. Hi, Min Min. I live in New Zealand. I am a Chinese. I just know your website a few days ago. I feel that your site is very good. I want my children to use it for learning Chinese. And I will recommend it to their classmates and friend who want to learn Chinese. Some of the audio sound is not smooth. If you can make it smoother, that would be much better.
    I think the tone for the end of the 4th word –”gui” should be the 3rd tones, and the sound for the 7th word is not correct. Plese check it.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Do you mean 酒鬼 (jiǔ guǐ) ?
      It is pronounced correctly with the 3rd tone.

      And for the 7th word, 酗酒 (xù jiǔ), it is pronounced fast. So you may feel the sound is incorrect. However, I have made my software to read the word character by character so that you can hear it more clearly.

      I am using a Chinese TTS (Text-To-Speech) software to read all the Chinese words in this website. I can’t guarantee 100% of pronunciations in this website are as a native Chinese speaker. However, I will make sure at least 95% of the Chinese sounds here are correct.

  2. Hi

    Does 酗酒 also mean 醉 了 or 酒 醉?

    Yes some of the pronunciations are too fast that
    I can hardly catch the pinjin of some words.
    Can you give a word for word pronunciation
    instead of reading a sentence too fast in one

    Min Min, are you the one in the female voice?

  3. Hi Βωων Κυαν,

    酗 酒 means indulge in excessive drinking. It is more than 酒 醉.

    If all the sentences are read character by character, it would not be the same as what we speak in our daily speaking. Just like English, if you read the following sentence word for word :
    I, want, to, go, to, school.
    you will not have intonation and stress.
    However, I will try to slow down the sound.

    The female voice is not my voice. I am using a Chinese TTS (Text-To-Speech) software to read all the Chinese words in this website.

  4. Thanks, Min Min. You’re really great!

    I now see the 分 别 between 酗酒 and 酒 醉

    Yes, you’re right and I don’t mean to say “read the text
    character by character”. What I mean, like you said, is
    to slow down a little bit to a comfortable level. Even I
    speak in real life much slower than that female voice.

    Thanks for the help.

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