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Pronunciation : tián
Meaning :
  1. sweet; honeyed. (adj)
  2. (of sleep) sound. (adj)
  3. sweetness. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 11
Traditional :
Usage : 2.8%
Common Words / Phrases:
tián pǐn
: The sweet taste snack food; dessert
tián tou
: good; benefit (as an inducement)
tián měi
: sweet; luscious; pleasant; refreshing
tián mì
: treacle; sweet; happy
xiāng tián
: fragrant and sweet
gān tián
: sweet
1. This watermelon is really sweet!
zhè guā hǎo tián na
: this
西瓜 : watermelon
: good, really
: sweet
: used in the same way as 啊, only after words ending with consonant n
2. have a sound (or sweet) sleep; sleep soundly
shuì de zhēn tián
: sleep
: (particle) used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
: really
: sweet and sound
3. Some new desserts were introduced to the menu.
cài jiā le xiē xīn de tián diǎn
菜谱 : menu
: inside
: add
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
一些 : (measure word) some
新的 : new
甜点 : dessert
4. Love is a sweet torment.
ài qíng shì zhǒng tián de tòng
爱情 : love
: is
: one
: (measure word) kind; sort; type
甜蜜的 : sweet
痛苦 : painful; torture
5. He had a sweet taste of victory.
pǐn cháng guò shèng de gān tián
: he
品尝 : taste, sample, savour
: (particle) used after a verb to indicate the completion of an action
胜利 : vicotry
: (particle) used after an attribute
甘甜 : sweetness
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3 thoughts on “甜”

  1. Hi Min Min

    菜 谱 里 加 了 一 些 新 的 甜 点 。

    I can’t get the pinying correctly and clearly of these two
    words “菜 谱” Only 菜 is sounded but not 谱” If they are
    pronounced together, is it “Chai Poi”

    “里” is also not sounded out. Please get check it out
    and get back.


  2. I say, Min Min, you are great. I got the pinyin right
    this time when I checked out the site given by you.
    It says in 2 speeds, one moderate and another much
    slower in “菜 谱 里” character by character [cài pǔ lǐ ]

    Also thanks for the other enquiries that you have
    clarified to my safisfaction. I understand all your

    Best regards.

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