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Pronunciation : shuāng
Meaning :
  1. two; twin; both; dual. (adj)
  2. even. (adj)
  3. double; twofold. (adj)
  4. (measure word) pair (used for shoes, socks, chopsticks, etc.). (measure word)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 21.0%
Common Words / Phrases:
chéng shuāng
: form a pair
wú shuāng
: alone; unrivalled; matchless; unparalleled
shuāng shù
: even number
shuāng shǒu
: both hands
shuāng qīn
: (both) parents; father and mother
1. She has dual nationality.
yǒu shuāng chóng guó
: she
: has
双重 : dual
国籍 : nationality
2. Everyone of the two sides is happy at the result of the match.
sài jié guǒ shǐ shuāng fāng jiē huān
比赛 : match
结果 : result
使 : make
双方 : both sides
: all
: great
欢喜 : happy, delighted
3. His weight is double what it was.
xiàn zài de zhòng shì guò de shuāng bèi
: he
现在 : now
: (particle) used after an attribute
体重 : body weight
: is
过去 : the pass
: double
: times
4. a pair of shoes
shuāng xié
: one
: pair
: shoes
5. I’m all for it.
shuāng shǒu zàn chéng
: I
: raise
: both
: hands
赞成 : approve of, favour, agree with
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2 thoughts on “双”

  1. Hh Min Min

    她 有 双 重 国 籍. In this sentence I hear the pinyin
    of 重 as “zhoon” (sounds like 从)

    In this “他 现 在 的 体 重 是 过 去 的 双 倍”, I hear the
    pinyin of 重 as “chung”

    Has 重 got two sounds in pinyin as the two above?

    1. Hi Βωων Κυαν,
      重 has 2 pronunciations.
      One is zhòng, which means weight or heavy.
      Another is chóng, which means repeat or overlap.

      In this sentence, it should be pronounced as chóng. I have corrected the mistake.

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