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Pronunciation : zhàn
Meaning :
  1. stand; be on one’s feet; take a stand. (v)
  2. stop; halt. (n)
  3. station; stop. (n)
  4. station or centre for rendering certain services. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 22.4%
Common Words / Phrases:
zhàn gǎng
: stand (or mount) guard; be on sentry duty
zhàn lì
: stand
zhàn chū lái
: stand out
chē zhàn
: stop; station
wǎng zhàn
: website
zhàn zhǎng
: station master
1. Stand up, please.
qǐng zhàn lái
: please
: stand
起来 : rise
2. We’ll stand by you.
men zhàn zài zhè biān
我们 : we
: stand
: by, at
: you
: this
: side
3. This bus makes no stops along the way.
zhè chē zhōng zhàn
: this
: vehicle (the bus)
中途 : halfway, midway
: no
: stop
4. I get off at the next stop.
xià zhàn xià chē
: I
: next
: one
: stop
: get off (a conveyance); alight
: vehicle
5. There is a gas station twenty miles away.
èr shí yīng zhī wài yǒu jiā yóu zhàn
二十 : twenty
英里 : mile
之外 : a scope outside a certain limit.
: have
: one
: measure word
加油站 : gas station
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  1. The literal translation helps me make much better sense of the characters and pinyin, as well as the finished, professional translation. Saves enormous amount of time in the dictionaries. This might well be the best I have seen and heard. Audio is very good – it does stutter but only on the first play of each track. Not sure who is responsible for that. Otherwise -weel done: all around excellence and good site design so far as I have used it.

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