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Pronunciation : fēi
Meaning :
  1. (of birds or insects) fly; flit. (v)
  2. (of an aircraft or its occupants) fly. (v)
  3. hover or flutter in the air. (v)
  4. (move) swiftly. (adv)
  5. unexpected; accidental; unfounded; groundless. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 3
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 32.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
fēi jī
: aeroplane
fēi chóng
: bug
fēi xíng
: aviation; flying
fēi máo tuǐ
: a fast walker
qǐ fēi
: take off
fēi chí
: speed
1. The bird flew away.
xiǎo niǎo fēi le
小鸟 : bird
: fly
: (particle) indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
2. I’m flying to Guangzhou tomorrow.
míng tiān fēi guǎng zhōu
: I
明天 : tomorrow
: (of an aircraft) fly
广州 : Guangzhou, a city in Guangdong province of China
3. The leaves are fluttering in the air.
zi zài kōng zhōng fēi zhe
叶子 : leave
: in
: sky
: in, among, amidst
: flutter
: (particle) added to a verb or adjective to indicate a continued action or state, often with the particle 呢 at the end of the sentence
4. A train sped by.
huǒ chē fēi chí ér guò
火车 : train
飞驰 : speed
: (conjunction) connecting an adverbial element to a verb
: pass through
5. A fire broke out in his house, a really unexpected disaster.
jiā shēng le huǒ zāi zhè zhēn shi fēi zāi héng huò a
: his
: house
发生 : happen
: (particle) indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
火灾 : fire (as a disaster), conflagration
,这 : this
: true, really
: is
飞灾横祸 : unexpected disaster
: (interjection) expressing surprise or admiration
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