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Pronunciation : xiān
Meaning :
  1. earlier; before doing something else. (adj)
  2. (used with a negative word “不” , “别” , etc.) for the time being. (adv)
  3. late; deceased. (adj)
  4. elder generation; ancestor. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 45.5%
Common Words / Phrases:
xiān qián
: before; earlier
xiān sheng
: Mr.; husband
xiān tiān
: congenital
xiān jìn
: advanced
zǔ xiān
: ancestry; ancestors
shǒu xiān
: first
qiǎng xiān
: forestall
1. He arrived earlier than I did.
xiān dào
: he
: compare
: me
: earlier
: arrive
2. Don’t leave yet, I want to have a word with you.
xiān bié zǒu yǒu huà gēn shuō
: you
: (used with a negative word “不” , “别” , etc.) for the time being
: don’t
: leave
: I
: have
: word; talk (noun)
: with
: talk (verb)
3. This gentleman wishes to see the general manager.
zhè wèi xiān sheng yào jiàn zǒng jīng
: this
: measure word
先生 : gentleman
: want to
: see, meet
总经理 : general manager
4. When doing business, one must first research the market.
zuò shēng shǒu xiān yào yán jiū shì chǎng
: do
生意 : business
首先 : first
: have to, need to
研究 : research
市场 : market
5. Get everything ready beforehand.
shì xiān zuò hǎo zhǔn bèi
事先 : beforehand
: do
: good, enough
准备 : prepare, preparation
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4 thoughts on “先”

  1. This is a wonderful tool, especially your example sentences. However, I was wondering if you could group the characters into words when showing the example sentences. It makes it easier to see what goes with what. Google translate will automatically do this for example.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Actually I have grouped the characters into words and explained the meaning of each word in the right hand side boxes. Maybe it is not that easier to read.
      Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. Congratulations Min Min!
    I must agree with Chris, this is a wonderful tool!
    From now on I will follow it every day!

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