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Pronunciation : yīng
Meaning :
  1. should; ought to. (v)
  2. answer; respond. (v)
  3. agree; promise. (v)
Radical : 广
Strokes : 7
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 51.1%
Notes : also as yìng
Common Words / Phrases:
yīng dāng
: ought to; should; must
yīng gāi
: should; ought to; must
1. You ought to know.
yīng gāi zhī dào
: you
应该 : ought to
知道 : know
2. He’s getting what he deserves.
zhè shì yīng de bào yìng
: this
: is
: he
: should
: get
应得 : deserve; due; earn
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
报应 : retribution; judgment; due punishment
3. When it’s too hot you should take a cold shower.
tiān tài yīng dāng lěng shuǐ zǎo
: weather
: too
: hot
应当 : ought to; should
: wash; bathe
: measure word
冷水 : cold water
: shower
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