Content Questions II : Whose, Which, How many, How

  • Last week, we learned how to ask questions using “Who, What, When, How, Where, Why” in Chinese. (link)
  • There are still a few type of content questions that we haven’t covered, i.e. “Whose, Which, How many, How (intensity)”
1. Whose
shéi de/ shuí de
1. Whose idea is this?
zhè shì shuí de jiàn
2. Do you know whose cup it is?
zhī dào zhè bēi shì shuí de ma ?
2. Which
1. Which class are you in?
men shì bān de
2. When (which day) will your wedding take place?
tiān shì men de zi ?
3. How many?

duō shǎo
1. How many customers came yesterday?
zuó tiān lái le wèi rén ?
2. How many pupils are there in this class?
zhè bān yǒu duō shǎo xué sheng ?
4. How

1. How far is it from Beijing to Shanghai?
cóng běi jīng dào shàng hǎi yǒu duō yuǎn ?
2. How old is your son?
ér duō le ?
  • As a summary, we have learnt how to ask questions for “Who, What, When, How, Where, Why, Whose, Which, How many, How (intensity)” in Chinese.
  • Happy learning, and have a nice weekend.

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