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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. stop; cease; end. (v)
  2. already. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 3
Traditional :
Usage : 55.2%
Common Words / Phrases:
bù yǐ
: endlessly; incessantly
yǐ jing
: already
1. She is still very sad over the death of her aunt.
duì de zhì jīn réng bēi shāng
: she
: (preposition) for
姑妈 : aunt
: (possessive particle) of
: death
: until
: today
: yet, still
悲伤 : sad
不已 : endlessly
2. You had already gone when I arrived there.
dāng dào shí jīng zǒu le
: when
: I
到达 : arrive
: at that time
: you
已经 : already
: gone, left
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
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3 thoughts on “已”

  1. Hi Min Min

    I find that there is no word order in Chinese sentences
    more or less like Greek sentences where an object can
    take the place of a subject or a verb can be placed at
    the beginning of a sentence and so on and so forth.

    For example this senence here:-

    她 对 姑 妈 的 死 至 今 仍 悲 伤 不 已 。

    Can I paraphrase it like this: –

    他 仍 悲 伤 不 已 对 姑 妈 的 死 至 今

    “不 已” sounds kind of ackward to me. Can I say
    “不 亭 的”?

    Can I say 及 instead of 至?

    1. Hi,
      “他 仍 悲 伤 不 已 对 姑 妈 的 死 至 今” is incorrect in term of sentence structure and word order.
      You can say “对 姑 妈 的 死 (,) 至 今 她 仍 悲 伤 不 已”.
      (To her aunt’s death, until now she is still very sad.)

      不 已 is the correct word that should be used in this context.
      “不 停 的” means non-stop, and should not be used in this context.

      他不停的哭泣。 (cry non-stop).

      By the way, the 停 should have a radical 亻, if not, 亭 means pavilion.

      Can I say 及 instead of 至?
      No. We don’t say 及今。

  2. Hi Min Min

    Thanks again for the clarification.

    At least now I know how Chinese sentences and words are used differently,
    depending on the context.

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