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Pronunciation : piàn
Meaning :
  1. a flat, thin piece;. (n)
  2. area. (n)
  3. used for slices, tablets, etc.. (measure word)
  4. used for a stretch of land, a water surface, etc.. (measure word)
  5. used with the numeral 一; used for scene, atmosphere, sound, feeling, etc.. (measure word)
  6. incomplete; brief. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 26.2%
Notes : also as piān
Common Words / Phrases:
dāo piàn
: razor blade
kǎ piàn
: card
piàn miàn
: one side
piàn kè
: a short while; an instant
zhào piàn
: photograph
yǐng piàn
: film, movie
tú piàn
: picture
chàng piàn
: album; disc
piàn miàn zhī cí
: an account given by one party only;
1. Chop this meat into pieces.
zhè xiē ròu qiē chéng piàn
: used to shift the object to before the verb, which must be accompanied by some other word.
这些 : these
: meat
割切 : to cut
: into
: piece
2. I trod on a sliver of glass from a broken bottle.
cǎi dào le píng de suì piàn
: I
: step on
: used as a verb complement to show the result of an action
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
: broken
玻璃瓶 : bottle
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
碎片 : a small slice; splinter
3. Can I have another slice of bread please?
néng zài gěi piàn miàn bāo ma
: can
: again
: give
: I, me
: one
: measure word
面包 : bread
: question tag
4. It’s all darkness in the cave.
shān dòng piàn hēi àn
山洞 : cave
: inside
: one
: measure word
黑暗 : darkness
5. There is a stretch of rice fields ahead.
qián mian shì piàn dào tián
前面 : in front
: is
: one
: measure word
稻田 : rice field
6. Just a minute, I’m coming.
shāo děng piàn shàng lái
: slightly
: wait
片刻 : a short while
: I
马上 : immediately
: come
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2 thoughts on “片”

  1. Hello Min Min!

    In your second example sentence today there’s a typographical error in the English translation; the word “shiver” should be “sliver.”

    Thank you for the amazing work you do for everyone interested in learning Mandarin around the world! I absolutely LOVE your website!!

    1. Hi Sarah Fox,
      Thanks. I have corrected the error.
      Glad to hear that you love my website. I hope you enjoy learning Chinese.

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