Rearrange the words III (重组词句)

  • 重组 (chóng zǔ) means rearrange, 词 (cí) means word and 句 (jù) means sentence.
  • Try to rearrange the characters below to make a meaningful sentence.
Sentence 1

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Sentence 2

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Sentence 3

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Sentence 4

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Sentence 5

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Sentence 6

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Sentence 7

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Sentence 8

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Sentence 9

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Sentence 10

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5 thoughts on “Rearrange the words III (重组词句)”

  1. This web site is really, really helpful when learning Chinese. I am so glad I found it.

    This exercise is a typically helpful way to get you to use the learned characters idiomatically.

    (BTW, sentence 5 has a “了” in it that does not occur in the answer).

    1. Hi AB,
      Yes. This type of exercise is useful to practice your Chinese grammar, especially in Chinese sentence structure.
      Thanks for pointing out the missing of “了” in the answer. I have corrected it.
      I hope you enjoy learning Chinese in my website.

  2. Hi Min Min –

    You are doing a wonderful job. Your website is one of the reasons I still study Chinese. I remember when you first sent me email as a friend on LM.


    1. Hi Fred,
      Thanks. I hope you will continue learning Chinese. And of course do come back to my website always.

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