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Pronunciation : wèi
Meaning :
  1. place; location. (n)
  2. position. (n)
  3. (Mathematics) place; figure; digit. (n)
  4. used for people (polite). (measure word)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 46.2%
Common Words / Phrases:
wèi zhi
: location; place; position
wèi yú
: be located
zuò wèi
: seat
dì wèi
: position; status
zhí wèi
: post
gè wèi
: everybody; every
1. Greece is located in the south of Europe.
wèi ōu zhōu nán
希腊 : Greece
位于 : be located
欧洲 : Europe
南部 : south area
2. He offered his seat to me.
zuò wèi ràng gěi le
: he
: used to shift the object to before the verb, which must be reduplicated or accompanied by some other word or expression
座位 : seat
: let
: give, to
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
: I, me
3. Is this seat taken?
zhè wèi yǒu rén zuò ma
: this
位子 : seat
: have
: people
: sit
: (particle) used at the end of a question
4. Exalt our country’s international status.
shēng guó de guó wèi
提升 : raise; upgrade
我国 : my country, our country
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
国际 : international
地位 : status
5. He earns a six-figure salary.
zhèng liù wèi shù de gōng
: he
: earn
六位数 : six figure
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
工资 : salary
6. He is a respected teacher.
shì wèi jìng de lǎo shī
: he
: is
: measure word
可敬 : respected
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
老师 : teacher
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