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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. give; offer; grant. (v)
  2. (used to indicate involvement, relationship, etc.) with. (prep)
  3. used to introduce the recipient of an action. (prep)
  4. and. (conjunction)
Radical :
Strokes : 3
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 56.8%
Common Words / Phrases:
yǔ qí
: rather than
1. The letter has been given to the person concerned.
xìn jiàn jiāo běn rén
信件 : letter
: already
: hand over; give up; deliver
: give; offer
本人 : I (me, myself); oneself; in person
2. I have nothing to do with it.
shì guān
: that
: matter
: with
: I, me
无关 : not related
3. Make friends with John,
yuē hàn jiāo péng you
: with
约翰 : John
: associate with
朋友 : friend
4. He is my namesake.
tóng míng
: he
: and, with
: I, me
: same
: name
5. The report tallies with the facts.
bào gào shì shí xiāng
报告 : report
: and, with
事实 : fact
相符 : tally
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5 thoughts on “与”

  1. hey Min Min,

    Just wondering if yu also is the same meaning as gen 跟. ni yu wo= ni gen wo?

    Also some of the words in some dictionaries vary in their tone, I am just wondering if you could confirm the tone for these words? example
    知识 zhī​shi​ says should be zhi3 shi0 but some people told me it should be zhi3 shi2 because shi2=knowledge? Also 东西 dōng​xi​ = dong1 xi0 and I am wondering if this should be dong1 xi1? I am confused because dong1 xi1 = east and west?


    Wo tai ganji ni le!

  2. Hi Mervin,
    与 and 跟 and 和 have the same meaning “and”.
    e.g. :

    与 is commonly used as in written language, while 跟 and 和 sound more casual and are used more in daily conversation.

    识, on its own, is pronounced as shí. But sometimes when it combines with other words, you will have to pronounced it as shi (neutral tone), e.g. 知识 (zhīshi).

    东 means east and 西 means west. When they are combine ( 东西 ), most of the time to mean things.
    You can check out this post about direction:

    1. When you want to mean east and west, the 西 should be pronounced as xī.
      从东到西 ( cóng dōng dào xī )
      From east to west,

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