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Pronunciation : cháng
Meaning :
  1. (of space or time) long. (adj)
  2. length. (n)
  3. strong point. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 56.6%
Notes : also as zhǎng
Common Words / Phrases:
cháng qī
: over a long period of time; long-term; long-lasting
cháng tú
: long-distance
cháng jiǔ
: permanently; long; long term
yán cháng
: lengthen; prolong; extend; renew
1. This is a long river.
zhè tiáo hěn cháng
: this
: measure word
: river
: very
: long
2. This table is two metres in length.
zhè zhāng zhuō zi yǒu liǎng cháng
: this
: measure word
桌子 : table
: have
: two
: meter
: length; long
3. Learn from others’ strong points.
cháng duǎn
: get, take
: strong points
: mend, patch, make up
: weaknesses
4. He’s thinking of living here permanently.
suàn zài zhèr ér cháng jiǔ zhù xià
: he
打算 : plan
: at
这儿 : here
长久 : permanently
: stay
下去 : go on (doing something); continue
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2 thoughts on “长”

  1. In sentence 4, the pinyin is very confusing. Can you please fix it?
    E.g. cháng is on top of the character 儿, jiǔ is on top of the character 长 and zhù is over the top of 久.

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