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Pronunciation : zhòng
Meaning :
  1. grow; plant; cultivate; sow. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 67.6%
Notes : also as zhǒng
Common Words / Phrases:
zhòng huā
: cultivate (or grow) flowers
zhòng tián
: till (or cultivate) land; go in for farming
1. This kind of soil is not suitable for growing watermelons.
zhè zhǒng rǎng zhòng guā
: this
: type
土壤 : soil
: not
: suitable
: plant, grow
西瓜 : watermelon
2. We plant trees and flowers in spring.
men zài chūn tiān zhòng huā zhòng shù
我们 : we
: at, in
春天 : spring
: plant
: flower
: tree
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3 thoughts on “种”

  1. Hi Min Min

    This kind of soil is good for growing watermelons.
    zhè zhǒng tǔ rǎng bù yí zhòng xī guā 。
    这 种 土 壤 不 宜 种 西 瓜 。

    Your explanation of 不 宜 means not suitable for
    种 西 瓜 but your English translation says “is good
    for growing watermelons.” It sounds some kind of
    矛盾 to me. Please explain which is which.


    1. Hi Βωων Κυαν,
      Sorry, I think I have made some typing errors.
      It should be “not suitable” for “不 宜”. I have corrected it.

      Thanks, and I think you have understand the meaning of “矛 盾”. Great!

  2. Thanks for the correction. People make mistakes.
    I made lots of mistakes when I learned my New
    Testament Greek

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