Chinese Children’s Song – 泥娃娃

  • This is our third Chinese song. I hope you like the previous two songs (客人来 and 三轮车)
  • The song is called “泥娃娃”. If you have watched Mulan, you should have heard this song before.
  • As usual, let’s start by reading the lyrics.


yǒu méi máo
yǒu yǎn jīng
yǎn jīng huì zhǎ
yǒu zuǐ
zuǐ shuō huà
shì jiǎ
shì zhēn
méi yǒu qīn ài de ba
méi yǒu ma
zuò ba
zuò ma
yǒng yuǎn ài zhe
  • Now, let’s sing the song!
  • Meaning of the song:
泥娃娃 泥娃娃
mud doll mud doll
a mud doll
she also has eyebows
she also has eyes
but she can’t wink
泥娃娃 泥娃娃
mud doll mud doll
a mud doll
she also has nose
she also has mouth
but she can’t speak
she is a fake baby
she is not a real baby
she doesn’t have dear dad
she also doesn’t have mom
泥娃娃 泥娃娃
mud doll mud doll
a mud doll
I’m her father
I’m her mother
Love her forever
: mud
娃娃 : doll
: one
: measure word
: also
: have
: that
眉毛 : eyebows
眼睛 : eyes
不会 : don’t know;  can’t
: wink
鼻子 : nose
嘴巴 : mouth
: no; can’t
说话 : speak; talk
: she
: is
: fake
不是 : not
: real
没有 : don’t have
亲爱 : dear
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
爸爸 : father
妈妈 : mother
: I
: become
永远 : forever
: love
: particle
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  • You may want to download the song (in zip format).

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8 thoughts on “Chinese Children’s Song – 泥娃娃”

  1. I remember my mother fed me with this kind of song when I was little as to learn the chinese language and it gave me really creep. Doll is always a haunting stuff for me.

    1. Hi Ivan Limanjaya,
      Haha, sorry to hear that. Maybe you should try to find a cute doll. 🙂

  2. Hi Min Min, the first time I heard Ni Wa Wa was from a casette tape with illustration in its booklet containing vocabulary list. The painting was quite creepy. That was back in around 1997 when the use of chinese language was still banned in Indonesia. My mother had to buy the casette in Singapore and ‘smuggled’ it in. By the way, thanks for your website! As an oversea chinese, I felt thankful to be able to at least learn some rudimentary mandarin. The study of chinese language was banned in my country untill recently (2001).

    1. Hi Ivan Limanjaya,
      Please visit my website more often. I am posting a character on a daily basis here.

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