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Pronunciation : ér
Meaning :
  1. and; as well as. (conjunction)
  2. and yet; but; while on the other hand; whereas. (conjunction)
  3. so that; in order to. (conjunction)
  4. to. (conjunction)
  5. connecting an adverbial element to a verb. (conjunction)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 73.8%
Common Words / Phrases:
ér qiě
: and also; besides; and what’s more
ér yǐ
: (particle) that is all; nothing more
rán ér
: but; however; yet; where
1. A bright and spacious classroom.
kuān chǎng ér míng liàng de jiào shì
宽敞 : spacious
: as well as, and
明亮 : bright
: (particle) used after an attribute; of
教室 : classroom
2. This watermelon is big but it is not sweet.
zhè guā ér tián
: this
西瓜 : watermelon
: big
: but
: not
: sweet
3. He was killed by a heavy blow to his head.
shì yīn tóu shòu zhòng ér mìng de
: he
: is
: because
头部 : head
: suffer
: heavy
: hit, blow
: so that; in order to
毕命 : die
: (particle) used to form a noun phrase or nominal expression
4. Approach from a distance.
yuǎn ér jìn
: from
: far
: to
: near, nearby
5. Leave in haste.
cōng cōng ér
匆匆 : in haste
: connecting an adverbial element to a verb
: leave, go
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