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Pronunciation : dìng
Meaning :
  1. decide; fix; set. (v)
  2. subscribe to (a newspaper, etc.); book (seats, tickets, etc.); order (merchandise, etc.). (v)
  3. calm; stable. (adj)
  4. surely; certainly; definitely. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 62.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
jué dìng
: decide; determine
què dìng
: define; fix; determine
kěn dìng
: affirm; confirm; positive; affirmative
yuē dìng
: appoint; arrangement
yí dìng
: surely; certainly; necessarily
bú yí dìng
: not necessarily; maybe
1. The meeting is fixed for tomorrow morning.
kāi huì shí jiān dìng zài míng tiān shàng
开会 : meeting
时间 : time
: decide; fix; set
: at
明天 : tomorrow
上午 : morning
2. We booked tickets for the concert.
men dìng le yīn yuè huì de piào
我们 : we
: book
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
音乐 : music
音乐会 : concert
: (particle) used after an attribute; of
: ticket
3. She doesn’t seem to be in a calm state of mind.
hǎo xiàng xīn shén dìng
: she
好像 : seem
心神不定 : instable in mind and mood, absentminded
4. Any mistakes you’ve made must be corrected.
yǒu cuò dìng yào gǎi
: have
错误 : mistake
一定 : surely; certainly; necessarily
: need, should
: correct, change
5. a given date
yuē dìng de
约定 : appoint; arrangement
: (particle) used after an attribute; of
日期 : date
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6 thoughts on “定”

  1. Hello Min Min

    A great great compliment for this page. It is the best site I have found for learning Chinese online, at least for my way of learning a language. I pent around an hour a day and really appreciate your choice of words, the availability of the computer voice and their quality as well as the example sentences, which allow to go a bit beyond and make it easier to remember things. I can imagine that it is not easy to find applicable and useful phrases. However, sometimes I am personally a little bit confused. One example: tā hǎo xiàng xīn shén bú dìng. Dìng as mood or absentminded doesnt appear under common phrases above. Since feedback is the breakfast of champions I hope you appreciate my comment and take it as a motivation to further publish things on this excellent side.

    Xie xie ni.
    Zai jian
    Bi de (Is that a good chinese name for Peter?)

    1. Hi Peter (彼得),
      Thanks for you comment and feedback. I really appreciate it.
      For some characters, there are many common phrases and words; and sometimes I will miss out a few. It will take quite a bit of time for me to list them all. Most of the time, it is based on my personal knowledge to list around 4 to 10 most common phrases and words for your extra vocabulary.

      I will try to improve more about this website in future. You compliments really motivate me. 谢谢。

  2. I really appreciate this web site for outstanding learning materials for Chinese language. I become motivated to learn Chinese language after listening and on Ipod. But, both sites will not provide you chinese characters and pinyin pronunciations unless you subscribe the web sites. After a while, you lost interest of listening the same formats. Your web site has different approach of helping learners to learn Chinese language. I am very fortunate to find your web site.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge of language, you have with others. When I saw the word, instable, it sounds unnatural to me. I went to merriam webster site and site to check the word. To my surprise, the word, instable exists. I am learning both chinese and English language from you.
    Zhu4 Ni3 Hao3 Yun4(wish you good luck)

    1. Hi larry,
      As you may know, my English is not very fluent. I am learning and improving my English as well while preparing the content of this website. 🙂
      Thanks for learning Chinese from this website. 谢谢。

  3. Hi Min Min,
    You are just very humble. Your English is quite good. To be a good language teacher,I believe, you have to know both languages well. But, it will be very difficult to perfect both languages. By the way, I really want to applaud you for giving us such a simple rule how to put stress mark on pinyin pronunciation. Also, thanks to you for your new lesson of radicals. I feel like, I owe you although your web site is free. Zhu4 Ni3 Jiang 4kang1(wish you good health)

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