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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. his, her, its, their. (pro)
  2. he, she, it, they. (pro)
  3. that; such. (pro)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 61.2%
Notes : also as jī
1. Befitting his / her position.
shēn fèn
符合 : in keeping with, in accordance with
: his, her
身份 : status, position
2. Young Jones and his father.
xiǎo qióng qīn
: small, young
琼斯 : Jones
: and
: his
父亲 : father
3. Deposit your money in the bank to keep it safe.
jiāng qián cún zài yín háng què bǎo ān quán
: with, by means of, by
: money
: keep
: at
银行 : bank
: inside
: so
确保 : make sure
: it
安全 : safe
4. Like father, like son.
yǒu yǒu
: have
: such
: father
: must, sure
: son
5. Be patient, let it be.
nài xīn xiē shùn rán ba
耐心 : patient
: a bit
: follow
: such, that
自然 : nature
顺其自然 : let nature take its course, in accordance with its natural tendency
: used at the end of a sentence, to indicate a suggestion, a request, or a command
6. Did you see anybody else?
jiàn dào rén le ma ?
见到 : meet, see
其他 : other
: people
: (particle) used for an anticipated or presupposed action
: (particle) used at the end of a question

One thought on “其”

  1. Hi

    Some Chinese people told me that this phrase:-
    有 其 父 必 有 其 子 can also mean
    下 梁 不 正 ,上 梁 歪。

    加 如 不 是 这 个 意 思, 请 解 释 后 者.

    谢 谢

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