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Pronunciation : zhǐ
Meaning :
  1. only; just; merely; but. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 58.8%
Notes : also as zhī
1. I’m just having a look.
zhǐ shì suí biàn kàn kan
: I
只是 : merely, only
随便 : casual; random; informal;
看看 : have a look
2. I have just one question.
zhǐ xiǎng wèn wèn
: I
: only, merely
: think, want to
: ask
: one
: measure word
问题 : question
3. All the hotels are full. We’ll have to go spend the night in his home.
guǎn dōu mǎn le zhǐ hǎo dào jiā guò
旅馆 : hotel
: already
客满 : no vacancy (in a hotel)
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
只好 : have to; be forced to
: go. (去 also can be used in this context to replace 到)
: he, his
: house, home
过夜 : stay overnight
4. She can speak not only German but also French.
zhǐ néng shuō néng shuō
: she
不只 : not only
: can
: speak, talk
德语 : German
: also
法语 : French
5. I assure you that you can learn Chinese if you make the effort.
zhǐ yào bǎo guǎn néng xué hǎo hàn
只要 : if only, as long as
: you
努力 : hardoworking, make the effort
保管 : certainly, surely
: can
: learn
: good, well
汉语 : Chinese
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