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Pronunciation : néng
Meaning :
  1. can; be able to; be capable of; could. (v)
  2. ability; capability; skill. (n)
  3. able; capable. (adj)
  4. energy. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 74.2%
1. She can type 70 characters a minute.
fēn zhōng néng shí
: she
: one
分钟 : minute
: can; be able to
: type
七十 : seventy
: measure word
: character
2. Will you come?
néng néng lái
: you
: can
: no, not
能不能 : can or cannot
: come
3. I cannot but pity him.
néng lián
: I
: no, not
: can
不能不 : (used between 不…不 to express obligation, certainty or great probability) have to; cannot but
可怜 : pity
: him
4. He is untalented and incapable.
cái néng
: he
: don’t have
: talent
: capability
才能 : capability; talent
5. He probably doesn’t know.
néng zhī dào
: he
可能 : might, possible, maybe
不知道 : don’t know
6. Can we park here? No. Parking is not allowed here.
zhèr néng tíng chē ma ? zhèr néng tíng chē
这儿 : here
: (usually used negatively or interrogatively) may; can; have the permission to
: stop
: car
: (particle) used at the end of a question
不能 : cannot
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