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Pronunciation : kāi
Meaning :
  1. open; open up; open out; come loose;. (v)
  2. begin; start. (v)
  3. start or operate (a machine, car, ship, plane); turn on (a light, radio, TV, etc.). (v)
  4. start or run (a factory, school, store, etc.); set up. (v)
  5. hold (a meeting, exhibition, etc.). (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 59.4%
1. Open the door please.
qǐng kāi mén
: please
: open
: door
2. The flowers are all open.
huā dōu kāi le
: flower
: all
: open
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
3. The match is about to begin.
sài jiāng kāi shǐ
比赛 : match, competition
即将 : is going to, is about to
开始 : start, begin
4. He drives too fast.
kāi chē tài kuài le
: he
: drive, operate
: car
: too
: fast
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
5. He has opened a restaurant.
kāi le fàn guǎn
: he
: open
: used after an action that has taken place or something that has changed
: one
: measure word
饭馆 : restaurant
6. He’s at a meeting.
zhèng zài kāi huì
: he
正在 : in the process of doing something
开会 : hold or have a meeting
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