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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. send out; issue; emit; give forth; shoot. (v)
  2. show; become; come to be. (v)
  3. start; set out. (v)
  4. feel; have a feeling. (v)
  5. (used for bullets and shells). (measure word)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 70.3%
Notes : also as fà
1. Fire (or launch) a rocket.
shè huǒ jiàn
发射 : fire, launch
火箭 : rocket
2. He never misses the bull’s-eye in target practice.
shí zǒng shì bǎi bǎi zhòng
: he
打靶 : practice shooting
: when
总是 : always
: hundred
: shoot
: hit
百发百中 : A hundred shots, a hundred bull’s-eyes; Every shot hits the target; shoot with unfailing accuracy
3. Don’t worry about it.
yào wèi zhè shì chóu
不要 : don’t
: because of
: this
: mattter
: worry
发愁 : (v) worry about sth
4. Pack the luggage and make ready to depart.
diǎn xíng li zhǔn bèi chū
打点 : organize, get (luggage, etc.) ready
行李 : luggage
准备 : prepare
出发 : set out
5. I feel chilly.
yǒu diǎn lěng
: I
: have
: a bit
: cold
发冷 : feel cold (or chilly)
6. China is a developing country.
zhōng guó shì zhǎn zhōng guó jiā
中国 : China
: is
: a, one
: measure word
发展 : develop, developing
: in the mid of
发展中 : in the mid of developing
国家 : country
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