Radical II

  • Radical (in Chinese : 部首) is an essential element of the Chinese dictionary. Every Chinese character is classified under a radical and characters with the same radical are sorted by the number of strokes.
  • We have learnt 7 radicals in Radical I. Today we are going to learn another 7 new common radicals.

List of Chinese Radicals

Radical English Name Chinese Name Pronunciation
Man, a person 单立人
dān lì rén
Lid 点横头
diǎn héng tóu
Speech 言字旁
yán zì páng
Plenty 双耳旁
shuāng ěr páng
Woman 女字旁
nǚ zì páng
Earth, Soil 提土旁
tí tǔ páng
Roof, Cover 宝盖
bǎo gài
  • This week exercise :
    Try to write few Chinese characters that you know using the above radicals.
  • Happy learning.

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