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Pronunciation : tóng
Meaning :
  1. be the same as. (v)
  2. together; in common. (adv)
  3. (used to indicate accompaniment, relationship, involvement, etc.) with. (prep)
  4. used to show comparison. (prep)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 64.7%
1. Our personalities are different.
men xìng tóng
我们 : we, our
个性 : personality
不同 : not same
2. I feel the same way.
yǒu tóng gǎn
: I
: also
: have
同感 : same feeling
3. I eat, live and work together with the workers.
gōng rén tóng chī tóng zhù tóng láo dòng
: with
工人 : worker
: together
: eat
: live
劳动 : work
4. I’ll go with you.
: I
: with
: you
一起 : together
: go
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2 thoughts on “同”

  1. Hi Min Min!

    Love this site as always! Just wondering if 和 hé​ and / together with / with / sum / union / peace / harmony / Japanese related / Taiwan pr. [han4] is the same meaning as tong2? can I say… wo he ni yi qi qu = wo tong ni yi qi qu

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