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Pronunciation : duì
Meaning :
  1. right; correct. (adj)
  2. with regard to; concerning; to. (prep)
  3. opposite; opposing. (adj)
  4. mutual; face to face. (adv)
  5. answer; reply;. (v)
  6. pair. (measure word)
  7. to face, to direct. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 74.9%
1. What you say is quite true.
shuō de hěn duì
: you
: say, talk
: (particle) used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
: very, quite
: correct, true
2. Smoking is harmful to your health.
yān duì jiàn kāng yǒu hài
吸烟 : smoking
: with regard to, to
健康 : health
: have
: harm
有害 : harmful
3. Don’t be so rude to your parents!
bié duì de zhè me méi mào
: don’t
: towards, to
你的 : your
父母 : father mother, parents
这么 : so (much), like this
: no
礼貌 : polite
4. An old couple lived opposite to my house
jiā duì miàn zhù zhe duì lǎo
: I, my
: house
对面 : opposite
: stay
: added to a verb or adjective to indicate a continued action or state
: one
: (measure word) pair
: old
夫妇 : couple
5. You have to face him sooner or later to discuss the problem.
zǎo wǎn děi miàn duì miàn tǎo lùn zhè wèn
: you
早晚 : sooner or later (早: morning/early 晚: night/late)
: need, must, will
面对面 : face-to-face
: with
: him
讨论 : discuss
: this
: measure word
问题 : problem
6. Aim at the target
duì zhǔn biāo
: direct
: accurately
目标 : target
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