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Pronunciation : huì
Meaning :
  1. can; be able to; be good at; be skilful in; know. (v)
  2. be likely to; be sure to; will; would; might. (v)
  3. get together; assemble. (v)
  4. meet; see. (v)
  5. meeting; gathering; party; get-together; conference. (n)
  6. association; society; union. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 76.3%
Notes : also as kuài
1. Do you know Japanese? I know Chinese but not Japanese.
huì huì huì hàn dàn huì
: you
会不会 : (posing a question: whether someone, something) can or not
日语 : Japanese language
: I
: be able to; know
汉语 : Chinese language
: but
不会 : do not know
2. The baby has just learnt to walk but has’t learnt to speak yet.
zhè hái zi gāng xué huì zǒu dàn hái huì shuō huà
: this
孩子 : child
: just
: learn
: be able to, know
走路 : walk
: but
: still
不大会 : not too able to,
说话 : talk
3. Tomorrow might be hotter.
míng tiān huì gèng
明天 : tomorrow
: will; might
: more
: hot
4. Is he likely to be at home?
huì zài jiā ma ?
: he
: be likely to
在家 : at home
: (particle) used at the end of a question
5. I have an appointment to meet him on Sunday.
yuē dìng le xīng tiān huì miàn
: I
约定 : make an appointment, promise
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
星期天 : Sunday
: with
: him
会面 : meet
6. We will party hard this weekend.
zhè zhōu de huì shàng men huì jìn qíng kuáng huān
: this
周末 : weekend
: (particle) used after an attribute; of
聚会 : meeting, party
: in
我们 : we
: will
尽情 : as much as one likes, to one’s heart’s content
狂欢 : have a mad time of it, revel

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  1. Hey I come here everyday to learn Chinese from you!
    I see that there is simplified and traditional Chinese.
    Is it different way of speaking? or just writing?
    Which one is Mandarin?
    Which one should I learn?

    Thank you so much for this website!!

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