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Pronunciation : shí
Meaning :
  1. a long period of time; times; days. (n)
  2. time of day; hour; o’clock. (n)
  3. current; present; fashion. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 77.9%
1. He first started writing when he was at primary school.
shàng xiǎo xué shí jiù kāi shǐ xiě zuò le
: he
: go
小学 : primary school
上学 : go to school
: a long period of time; times; days
: already
开始 : start
写作 : writing
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
2. Business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
yíng shí jiān shì cóng shàng jiǔ shí dào xià shí
营业 : business
时间 : hours, time
: is
: from
上午 : morning
: nine
: o’clock
: to
下午 : afternoon
: five
3. I’ve been writing for three hours.
jīng xiě le sān xiǎo shí le
: I
已经 : already
: write
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
: three
: measure word
小时 : hours
4. When will it be ready?
shén me shí hòu néng zhǔn bèi hǎo
什么 : what
时候 : (a point in) time; moment
什么时候 : when
: can be
准备 : prepare
: all right, ok
准备好 : ready
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