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Pronunciation : cóng
Meaning :
  1. from (a time, a place, or a point of view). (prep)
  2. via, through, or past (a place). (prep)
  3. (followed by a negative) ever. (adv)
  4. follow; comply with; obey. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 58.6%
1. She is from America.
shì cóng měi guó lái de
: she
: is
: from
美国 : America
: come
: (particle) used after a verb or between a verb and its object to stress an element of the sentence
2. I learned this news from the newspaper.
cóng bào zhǐ shàng zhī zhè xiāo
: I
: from, through
报纸 : newspaper
: (preposition) in (some aspect); on
得知 : (find out and) know
: this
: measure word
消息 : news
3. Never heard of it.
cóng méi tīng shuō guò
: ever; never (if used in negative sentence)
: no, not
听说 : be told; hear of
: (particle) used after a verb or an adjective to indicate a past action or state
4. She has never quarrelled with anybody.
cóng lái gēn bié rén chǎo zuǐ
: she
从来 : never (if used in negative sentence)
: not
: with
别人 : other people
吵嘴 : quarrel
5. The minority should submit to the majority.
shǎo shù cóng duō shù
: little
少数 : minority
服从 : obey
: a lot
多数 : majority
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