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Pronunciation : zǒu
Meaning :
  1. walk; go; tread; proceed. (v)
  2. leave; go away. (v)
  3. run; move. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 43.5%
1. He is walking down the seaside.
zhèng yán zhe hǎi biān zǒu
: he
: right now
沿着 : along (a certain route); down; up
: sea
: side
海边 : seaside
: walk
: go to
走去 : made one’s way; walk towards
2. Don’t go. Stay for dinner.
chī le fàn zài zǒu ba
: eat
: (particle) used for an anticipated or presupposed action
: rice
吃饭 : have meal
: then
: leave
: used at the end of a sentence, to indicate a suggestion, a request, or a command
3. She just left.
gāng zǒu
: she
: just
: leave
4. The boat sailed slowly.
zhè tiáo chuán zǒu de hěn màn
: this
: measure word
: boat
: move
: (particle) used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
: very
: slow
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