Conversation – Acquaintance II

Conversation 1
wáng lán shì shuí
Mary WangLan, who is he?
wáng lán jiè shào xiàr zhè shì ge
WangLan Mary, let me have an introduction. This is my elder brother.
wáng lín jiào wáng lín rèn shi hěn gāo xìng
WangLin I’m WangLin. It’s very nice to meet you.
rèn shi hěn gāo xìng
Mary Nice to meet you too.
wáng lán nǎr
WangLan Where are you going?
běi jīng xué , men nǎr
Mary I am going to Peking University. Where are you (Plural) going?
wáng lín men shāng diàn
WangLin We go shopping.
zài jiàn
Mary Goodbye!
lán & lín zài jiàn
WangLan & WangLin Bye!
  1. There are a few terms that we have learnt before.
    (if you have forgotten, click on the character to go to the details page. Get a
    piece of blank paper and practice to write all the characters)

    : who
    : introduce

    : elder brother

    * more on famliy members in Chinese

    : know, meet
    : very
    : happy
    : also
    : go
    : university

    * notes:

    大 means big, and 大学 is university

    小 means small, and 小学 is primary school

    中 means medium, and 中学 is secondaray school

    商店 : shop
    : goodbye
  2. “我介绍一下儿” , which
    means “Let me introduce…”.

    This is a common expression for introducing people.
    “一下” or
    “一下儿” means that an action will be of short duration or something
    will be done in a casual way. Here it indicates the latter meaning.

Conversation 2
zhāng lǎo shī zài jiā ma
Kako Is teacher Zhang in (at home)?
xiǎo yīng zài nín shì
XiaoYing Sure. You are…?
shì zhāng lǎo shī de xué shēng xìng shān xià jiào
Kako I am teacher Zhang’s student. My surname is Yamashita, first name is Kako. And you?
xiǎo yīng jiào xiǎo yīng zhāng lǎo shī shì ba qǐng jìn
XiaoYing My name is XiaoYing. Teacher Zhang is my father. Come in please.
xiè xie
Kako Thanks!
  1. Meaning of words in the conversation
    老师 : teacher
    : at home
    : question tag

    * read this grammar notes about
    Question with 吗

    : student
    : surname
    : be
    爸爸 : father

    * more on famliy members in Chinese

    : please
    : in, come in
    谢谢 : thank you
  2. 是…” means “You are…”. It means “Who are you?”.
    The listener should respond with his name or social status. Such a sentence is used only when a stranger has started to speak to you.

    Caution: “你是谁?” which is also means “Who are you?” is a rather impolite inquiry, so normally one would use “您是…” instead of “你是谁?”

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