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Pronunciation : dōng
Meaning :
  1. east. (n)
  2. master; owner. (n)
  3. host. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 44.9%
1. The sun comes up in the east.
tài yáng cóng dōng fāng shēng
太阳 : sun
: from
: east
: direction
东方 : the east
升起 : raise, come up
2. East, west, north and south are the cardinal points of the compass.
dōng nán běi wéi běn fāng wèi
: east
: south
西 : west
: north
: act as, to be
基本 : basic, fundamental
方位 : azimuth, orientation
3. The landlord is putting the screws on to get her out of the house.
fáng dōng zhèng zài bān jiā
房东 : landlord
正在 : right now, currently
: force
: her
搬家 : move house
4. It’s my treat today.
jīn tiān zuò dōng。
今天 : today
: I
做东 : host
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