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Pronunciation : xīng
Meaning :
  1. star. (n)
  2. star (person). (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 22.7%
1. We can see the stars at night.
wǎn men kàn jiàn xīng xing
夜晚 : night, night time
我们 : we
可以 : can
看见 : see
星星 : stars
2. He’s a very popular singer.
shì hěn hóng de xīng。
: he
: is
: measure word
: very
: popular, red
: (particle) used to form a noun phrase or nominal expression
歌星 : singer
: song
3. This football star has a monthly income of approximately £30, 000.
zhè wèi qiú míng xīng de yuè jiāng jìn sān wàn bàng
这位 : this
足球 : football
明星 : star
: (particle) used to form a noun phrase or nominal expression
月入 : monthly income
将近 : almost, approximate
: three
: ten thousand
: pound
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