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Pronunciation : xiū
Meaning :
  1. adjourn; stop; cease. (v)
  2. rest. (v)
  3. don’t. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 9.6%
1. It’s not worth haggling over a few pence.
wéi biàn shì zhēng lùn xiū shí zài zhí
: for, because of
: a few, several, some
便士 : pence
争论 : argue
: not
: stop
争论不休 : argue endlessly
实在 : indeed, really, honestly
值得 : worth
2. I finally get some holidays.
zhōng xiū tiān jiǎ le
: I
终于 : finally
可以 : can
休假 : have (or take, go on) a holiday or vacation
: a few, several, some
: day
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
3. Don’t talk nonsense!
xiū yào yán luàn
: don’t
: want to, wish to
胡言乱语 : talk nonsense, rave
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4 thoughts on “休”

  1. Hello! This is a great website! Just wondering here if xiu yao 休 要 is similar to bie 别 as both mean do not. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mervin,
      In another Chinese dictionary:
      – 表示禁止或劝阻,相当于”别” , “不要”。 (休 is similar to “别” or “不要”。)

  2. just another thing here…. should this be xiu jia=vacation? and not xiu ju? 休假 xiūjià to take a vacation / to go on holiday


    1. Hi Mervin,
      Which one do you mean “xiu ju” ?
      Yes. 休假 means take a vacation or be on leave.
      休 几 天 假 – on leave for few days / take a few days vacation.

      I have corrected the meaning of 休假. Thanks.

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