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Pronunciation : xiǎng
Meaning :
  1. think; ponder. (v)
  2. suppose; reckon. (v)
  3. want to; would like to; feel like (doing something). (v)
  4. miss. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 13
Traditional :
Usage : 58.4%
1. Help me think of a way to do it!
bāng xiǎng bàn ba
: you
: help
: me
: think
: measure word
办法 : way, means, measure
: (particle) used at the end of a sentence, to indicate a suggestion, a request, or a command
2. I don’t think he’ll be coming today.
xiǎng jīn tiān huì lái
: I
: reckon
: he
今天 : today
不会 : be unlikely, will not
: come
3. Do you want to see a football match?
xiǎng kàn qiú sài ma ?
: you
: want to
: see
足球 : football
: match
: (particle) used at the end of a question
4. The children miss their mother.
hái zi men hěn xiǎng ma
孩子 : kid
: plural marker
: very
: miss
妈妈 : mother
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