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Pronunciation : xué
Meaning :
  1. study; learn. (v)
  2. imitate; mimic. (v)
  3. school; college. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 65.4%
1. Learning Chinese is really interesting.
xué huá zhēn yǒu
: learn, study
华语 : Chinese, Mandarin Chinese
: really, truly, indeed
有趣 : interesting
2. The boy imitates his father’s way of walking.
zhè hái zi xué ba zǒu de yàng zi
: this
孩子 : kid
: imitate, mimic
: his
爸爸 : father
走路 : walk, go on foot
: (particle) used to form a noun phrase or nominal expression
样子 : appearance, manner
3. I go to school every day.
měi tiān shàng xué shū
: I
每天 : everyday
: go to
: school
读书 : study
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