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Pronunciation : me
Meaning : suffix used after certain characters, see below:

  1. 怎么 – how; what; why. (pro)
  2. 这么 – so; such; like this, in this way. (pro)
  3. 那么 – so, then, like that; in that way. (pro)
  4. 什么 – what. (pro)
Radical : 丿
Strokes : 3
Traditional :
Usage : 66.1%
Notes :
1. What’s the matter with you? or Why, is anything the matter?
zěn me la ?
: you
怎么 : indicate what’s wrong in this context
: particle with on meaning, just like hey
2. So they say.
jiā dōu zhè me shuō
大家 : everybody
: all
这么 : so, such
: say
3. You shouldn’t have done that.
gāi me zuò
: you
不该 : should not
那么 : like that, in that way
: do
4. What do you want?
yào shén me ?
: you
: want
什么 : what
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