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Pronunciation : shén
Meaning : This character is never used alone. Usually used with 么(什么). See below for the meanings of 什么:

  1. what. (pro)
  2. something. (pro)
  3. anything. (pro)
  4. whatever (used correlatively with another 什么). (pro)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 49.4%
Also as : shí
1. What are you looking for?
zhǎo shén me ?
: you
: look for, try to find, seek
什么 : what
2. I’d like to have something to eat.
xiǎng chī diǎn shén me
: I
: want to
: eat
: (measure word) a little
什么 : something
3. I’m not afraid of anything.
shén me dōu
: I
什么 : anything
: all
: not
: fear, dread, be afraid of
4. We’ll eat whatever we can find in the fridge.
bīng xiāng yǒu shén me men jiù chī shén me
冰箱 : fridge
: inside
: have
什么 : whatever
我们 : we
: then
: eat
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