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Pronunciation : le
Meaning :
  1. used after an action that has taken place or something that has changed. (particle)
  2. used for an anticipated or presupposed action. (particle)
  3. indicating that something has happened or is about to happen. (particle)
  4. indicating a change in one’s understanding, idea, view or action. (particle)
Radical :
Strokes : 2
Traditional :
Usage : 90.7%
Also as : liǎo
1. My brother has came back from abroad.
ge jīng cóng guó wài huí lái le
: I, me
哥哥 : brother
我哥哥 : my brother (same as 我的哥哥)
已经 : already, yet
: from
国外 : external, overseas, abroad
回来 : return, come back
: indicating an action has taken place
2. I’ll pick you up after I finish my dinner.
chī le fàn zài jiē
: I, me
: eat
: indicate that eating is presupposed for the action of fetching. Speaker will eat first then only fetch someone.
: rice
: then, only then
: go
: pick up, fetch
: you
3. A wolf is coming.
láng lái le
: wolf
: come
: indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
4. I’m friends with him now.
xiàn zài zuò péng you le
: I, me
现在 : now
: and
: he
: become
朋友 : friend
: indicate that speaker has decided to be a friend of someone.
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6 thoughts on “了”

  1. Min min.

    I think that your sound files here are mixed up
    1 doesn’t work and
    2 is sound file for number 1.

    I will try the browser shuffle and let you know how I get on.

    Common Words / Phrases:
    jiāo shū

    : teach (at school)
    1. I teach children drawing.
    wǒ jiāo hái zi huà huà 。
    我 教 孩 子 画 画 。

    我 : I
    教 : teach
    孩子 : child, children
    画画 : drawing

  2. Hi Min Min,
    Little confused on the 4th sentence.

    Shouldn’t it be “I’m friends with him now”




    Thank you for putting in all the work for this site it has been a massive help

    1. Hi Scott,
      I think you are right.
      I have changed the 4th sentence to “I’m friends with him now.”
      Sorry for my English.

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