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Pronunciation : qián
Meaning :
  1. front. (n)
  2. forward; ahead. (n)
  3. ago; before. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 59.6%
1. There is a grassland in front of my house.
jiā qián miàn yǒu cǎo yuán
: I, me
: home, house
前面 : in front of
: have
草原 : grasslands, prairie
2. We must continue to move forward.
men yào qián jìn
我们 : we
: need
继续 : continue
前进 : advance, move forward
3. The story took place 500 years ago.
zhè shì shēng zài bǎi nián qián
: this
: (measure word) used before nouns without special measure words of their own
故事 : story
发生 : happen, occur, take place
: be
五百 : (numeral) five hundred
: years
: ago

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